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    DC's Next Cancellations? →

    Alright, you guys. DC has already canceled 6 titles from their New 52. Newsarama takes an educated guess at the next 10 that are in danger of seeing the guillotine, and gives their reasons why:

    10. DC Universe Presents - I have to agree that the arcs need to be much shorter.

    9. Frankenstein, Agent of S.H.A.D.E. - I, too, never got into it because it’s not a superhero.

    8.┬áLegion Lost - I believe this one’s sales are down, but it’s starting to see more DCnU integration.

    7. Fury of Firestorm - Sadly, I agree here too. Not getting the focus or attention it deserves.

    6. Resurrection Man - If this book keeps spinning its wheels, definitely in danger.

    5. I, Vampire - This is a great book. Start reading it and SAVE it!

    4. Grifter - Honestly, I lost interest, and if Liefield’s writing, it’s only a matter of time.

    3. Blue Beetle - Can the recent change in the locale of this young hero save the book? Needs more attention!

    2. Voodoo - It started out strong, but a writing change could be the final coffin nail.

    1. Captain Atom - I was SHOCKED to see this on their list. This is one of the best books ON THE SHELVES right now! GO BUY IT!!

    Click the link to read all what NEWSARAMA has to say about each DC title!

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